Coalition Scenarios in Thailand after the Polls

Termsak Chalermpalanupap

None of three strongest parties will be able to win a majority of the seats in the coming elections. In the end, a coalition of parties will be needed for these parties to gather the votes necessary to appoint their preferred Prime Minister candidate.

Thailand’s New King

Terence Chong

Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn will ascend to become King Rama X after accepting the invitation by the Thai parliament. How he reigns will affect the monarchy's relationship with the military-backed parliament and the support of the public.

Bombings in South Thailand

Puangthong R. Pawakapan

While the Thai military government blamed the bomb blasts to the red-shirt conflict, incoming evidence suggests that Muslim separatist movements are involved. The bombings underscore the fact that the military government has failed to address the ethnic-religious conflict and the presence of Asian-based Islamic State (IS) networks in the south.