Chanrith Ngin

Dr Chanrith Ngin is an Honorary Academic at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. He is also a Senior Research Fellow and Director of Centre for Natural Resources and Environment at the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). He was a Wang Gungwu Visiting Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Chanrith Ngin (5)

Why Cambodia Should Hedge by Engaging India More

Chanrith Ngin|Bunthorn Khath

Cambodia has become increasingly dependent on China and the West. It is high time for Phnom Penh to hedge by engaging India more.

Easy Highway, Troubled City: How China Wins and Loses Cambodians’ Hearts

Chanrith Ngin

Two China-driven projects show striking contrasts. The newly opened Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway has been well-received by Cambodians. But grand plans for Sihanoukville to be an investment hub and “multi-purpose” city have instead seen Chinese businesses crowding out locals, a boom-bust cycle in construction and illicit trades.

The Undetermined Costs and Benefits of Cambodia’s Engagement with China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Chanrith Ngin

This Long Read argues that despite common perceptions of Cambodia as a ‘client state’ of China due to its dependence on Chinese aid and investment, Cambodia does exercise agency and has been diversifying its donors and investors to meet its economic needs.

The G7’s Global Infrastructure and Investment Drive: Not So Attractive For Southeast Asia

Chanrith Ngin

The Group of 7’s new infrastructure and investment drive seeks to provide what Southeast Asia needs, such as financing for hard infrastructure. But the need for multiple stakeholders and financing issues might not garner much buy-in from the region.

Having it Both Ways? Cambodia’s Superpower Balancing Act

Chanrith Ngin

The Cambodian People’s Party needs China, Cambodia’s top donor and investor, to sustain economic growth and reduce poverty to win the next election, which is vital to its legitimacy.