Ms Fanzura Banu was Research Officer at the Regional Social and Cultural Studies Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Fanzura Banu (5)

Booster Shot? Pao Tang Digital Payment and Thailand’s Domestic Consumption

Kanpunnarin Amphunan|Kevin Zhang|Fanzura Banu

Digital payment apps, while facilitating ease of consumption, do not tackle the fundamental issue: limited disposable income of Thais, particularly among those in lower-income groups.

New Chinese Migrants in Chiang Mai: Parallel Paths for Social Interaction and Cultural Adjustment

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu|Pagon Gatchalee

While descendants of older Chinese migrants in Thailand consider themselves Thai, new Chinese migrants tend to struggle with assimilating, due partly to negative stereotypes about foreign Chinese. This Long Read explores the parallel communities these new Chinese migrants have forged to address their needs for social integration.

Bangkok’s New Chinatown: Waiting for Another Ka-Ching 

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu|Pagon Gatchalee

Bangkok’s ‘new Chinatown’ flourished when a steady stream of Chinese tourists visited the area. As the country prepares to re-open its borders, the question is whether the area will revisit its glory days.

Chinese Students in Thailand: Cash Cow, At a Cost

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu

Thailand is reaping the benefits of a steady stream of Chinese students being enrolled in its universities. The trend, however, is not cost-free.

The Ones to Watch: Chinese Investors in Thailand, Trends and Opportunities

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu

China has been accelerating its foreign direct investments into the kingdom, even as other investors have pulled out. Thai officials are hopeful that this trend will continue.