Hong-Kong Nguyen

Hong-Kong Nguyen is a PhD student in International Relations at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Oita, Japan. She is also a Japanese government MEXT scholar and a WSD-Handa fellow at the Pacific Forum.

Articles by Hong-Kong Nguyen (2)

South China Sea in 2022: Deadlock or Not, Disputant States Press Advantages

Hong-Kong Nguyen|Pham-Muoi Nguyen|Viet-Ha Nguyen

2022 proved to be another eventful year for the South China Sea as disputant states continued to take a variety of actions to assert their advantages.

It Takes Two to Tango: Vietnam-US Relations in the New Context

Hong-Kong Nguyen|Pham-Muoi Nguyen

Vietnam’s delicate balancing act between major powers suggests that it is unlikely to advance a relationship with one power at the expense of another. Instead, it will try to maintain an independent position and promote ties with all powers, where possible.