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Phan Xuan Dung is a Research Officer at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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This picture shows fishermen working near the first towers of wind turbines from Vietnam's first wind power plant along a sea coast on the southern coastal province of Bac Lieu. The Bac Lieu wind power plant has a capacity of some 99,2 MW from a total of 62 wind turbines. (Photo by DUY KHOI / AFP)

Can Vietnam Reach Its Offshore Wind Power Goals?

Phan Xuan Dung

Vietnam has an impressive slew of offshore wind power projects on the drawing board. But due to various technical and legal constraints, the country is unlikely to hit the 6 gigawatt target by 2030.

Protesters wave flags and hold placards in front of the Chinese Consulate in Makati, Metro Manila

Troubled Waters Ahead for Philippine-Vietnam Strategic Partnership on the South China Sea

Phan Xuan Dung

Vietnam and the Philippines have formed a strategic partnership in the South China Sea. By reinforcing their respective claims to the area, however, they are vulnerable to a wedge strategy by third parties such as China.

Global Minimum Tax: Boon or Bane for Vietnam’s Economy?

Le Hong Hiep|Phan Xuan Dung

Vietnam’s impending acceptance of the global minimum tax regime for multinational enterprises could be a double-edged sword; the key is to ensure that imposing the minimum tax rate does not drive away major foreign investors.

Vietnam and Singapore: Chicken Rice, Apom, Milk Tea and a Shared Strategic Outlook

Phan Xuan Dung

Vietnam and Singapore commemorated their 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations in July. Looking ahead, the two partners can deepen the relationship by focusing on initiatives in the South China Sea and the Mekong.

Recalibrating Vietnam’s Electricity Cooperation with Laos

Phan Xuan Dung

Vietnam is planning to import more electricity from hydropower facilities in Laos. Such an arrangement, however, poses a threat to the food security and livelihoods of Vietnamese living in the Mekong Delta.