Biden “Re-pivot” to Asia Cannot Be Obama 2.0

Charles Dunst

If elected the president of the United States, Joe Biden will not necessarily gain traction in Southeast Asia by simply not being Trump. He will have to bring tangible economic and political options to the table, and harness the intrinsic power of America’s network of allies and partners.

Will China Establish Military Bases in Southeast Asia?

Ian Storey

The US Department of Defense has asserted that Beijing has “likely considered” logistics and basing infrastructure in five Southeast Asian countries. It is worth noting that such arrangements are predicated on a host nation’s inclination to support such a presence. At the moment, such willingness appears to be in short supply, except in the case of Cambodia.

Southeast Asia as a Sino-US Battleground: China’s Measured Response Amid American Attacks

Lye Liang Fook

With the acceleration in tensions between the United States and China globally, Southeast Asia has again been caught up in clash of the two titans. The recent trigger for this was the US Department of State statement in July 2020 on the US Position on Maritime Claims in the South China Sea where it dismissed China’s claims...