Joanne Lin

Ms Joanne Lin is Co-coordinator at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Joanne Lin (25)

Will South Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Make a Difference?

Joanne Lin|Sean King

South Korea’s new Indo-Pacific strategy underscores the country’s ambitions to be a “global pivotal state”. Seoul seeks to effect a careful balance: inclining towards the US-led grouping advocating a “free and open Indo-Pacific”, while at the same time engaging China.

Locating Strategic Imperatives in ASEAN-EU Relations 45 Years On

Joanne Lin|Sharon Seah

The ASEAN-EU Summit in Brussels highlighted potential areas for closer cooperation between the two regional blocs, provided leaders can surmount strategic and other differences at this tricky juncture in world politics.

The Struggle for International Recognition: Myanmar after the 2021 Coup

Joanne Lin|Moe Thuzar

The military coup in Myanmar on 1 February 2021 created huge diplomatic repercussions, throwing into uncertainty the country’s international position and representation. Although the National Unity Government (NUG) appears to be the more popular choice for the international community, the prospects for its formal recognition remain uncertain.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen

ASEAN’s Season of Summitry: More Hits or Misses?

Sharon Seah|Joanne Lin|Melinda Martinus

Going into 2022, ASEAN flew into a perfect storm of challenges within and without. With the annual ASEAN summits over, the grouping is none the worse for the wear.

Personnel from FPDA member nations

The United Kingdom and the Indo-Pacific: “Tilting” or Tottering?

Joanne Lin|William Choong

The United Kingdom (U.K.) has launched a robust “tilt” towards the Indo-Pacific. To its credit, it has executed a series of high-profile diplomatic engagements and military deployments to the region. The question, however, is not about London’s desire to engage with the dynamic region but whether this tilt can be sustained.