Joanne Lin

Ms Joanne Lin is Lead Researcher in Political-Security affairs at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Joanne Lin (19)

Has ASEAN Lost its Appeal to the United Kingdom?

Joanne Lin

The race for the leadership of the Conservative Party has thrown up few clues about London’s approach to ASEAN and the wider Indo-Pacific. Whoever wins, there is reason to believe that the United Kingdom will retain its strong institutional ties to the region.

Is the ASEAN Secretariat Overdue for a Renewed Mandate?

Joanne Lin

As ASEAN marks 55 years of existence, the pressing challenge of strengthening and empowering its Secretariat needs to be faced if the organisation is to remain relevant.

55th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting: Much Ado About Everything (or Nothing)?

Sharon Seah|Joanne Lin|Melinda Martinus

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meetings last week occurred at a time when the region was seeing ructions, be it in the Taiwan Strait, Myanmar or the war in Ukraine. ASEAN can boast that it has retained its convening power, but this in itself might be insufficient.

Ukraine’s Accession to TAC: A Critical Decision for ASEAN

Joanne Lin

ASEAN has a chance to stand up for international peace by allowing Ukraine to accede to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation. Failing to do so would highlight the weakness of the organisation at a time when small and medium states need to hold firm against great power bullying.

Can Indonesia Provide Much-needed Leadership in ASEAN?

Joanne Lin

Indonesia's various moves on the foreign policy front suggest that it is preparing for a robust role as ASEAN Chair when it takes over the regional grouping's leadership in 2023. However, its ambitious ideas for revitalising ASEAN will meet headwinds regionally and globally.