Joanne Lin

Ms Joanne Lin is Lead Researcher in Political-Security affairs at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Joanne Lin (12)

ASEAN’S Relevance for the New South Korean Administration

Joanne Lin

New South Korean President Yoon has a tough balancing act to pull off for his foreign policy, given his neophyte status on the international stage. ASEAN will be watching carefully to see if great power rivalry will derail ASEAN-ROK cooperation.

US-ASEAN Summit: The Audacity of Trope

Joanne Lin

ASEAN leaders will finally meet US President Joseph Biden at the long-awaited US-ASEAN summit in Washington. Whether ASEAN and US can find convergence on regional issues, such as Washington’s desire to manage the rise of China, will be a pressing challenge.

Bahasa Melayu as ASEAN’s Second Language: Sekali Lagi Tak Boleh

Joanne Lin

Malaysia has again proposed making Malay a working language of ASEAN, but this proposal is likely to be a non-starter as ASEAN wrestles with more pressing crises.

ASEAN Special Envoy in Myanmar: Too Little, Too Late?

Sharon Seah|Joanne Lin

The recent visit to Myanmar by ASEAN’s Special Envoy has been disappointing. It might be time to reconsider the grouping’s five-point consensus.

Is ASEAN a Toothless Tiger in the Face of Ukraine Crisis?

Joanne Lin|William Choong

ASEAN says that it is ‘deeply concerned’ about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it has stopped short of condemning Moscow. The statement by the grouping reflects varied perspectives among member states. But it is important for smaller states in ASEAN to uphold the aegis of international law.