Julio S. Amador III

Julio S. Amador III is the President of the Foundation for the National Interest, a new Manila-based think-tank focusing on strategic and security issues, and Founder of the Philippine Strategic Forum.

Articles by Julio S. Amador III (2)

What Does Marcos 2.0 Mean for ASEAN?

Julio S. Amador III

Julio Amador III explains how the new Marcos Jr. Administration can play a more proactive role in the regional bloc.

Mind the Gaps, Fill the Needs: A Strategic Outlook for the Philippine-US Alliance

Julio S. Amador III

The Philippines begrudgingly notes the disparity of treatment across US alliances in Asia as well as Washington’s shift to enhancing engagements with non-treaty partners. The Philippines must step up to play its part and articulate its key interests better.