Melinda Martinus

Melinda Martinus is the Lead Researcher in Socio-cultural Affairs at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Melinda Martinus (17)

Southeast Asia Caught Between a Commodity Crisis and a Climate Crunch

Melinda Martinus

Southeast Asian governments are facing inflationary and climate pressures simultaneously, against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war. To back down from earlier climate promises, tempted by urgent domestic needs, would be counter-productive and short-sighted.

Can a Regional Public Health Emergency Centre Work for ASEAN?

Melinda Martinus

ASEAN’s plan to set up a regional public health emergency centre will support its efforts to reopen the region’s economy to tourism and to finally shed the pall that the Covid-19 pandemic has cast. However, the devil is in the details and ASEAN needs to ensure the plan is not dead in the water.

ASEAN’s Consumers on the Move: Tertiary Education

Melinda Martinus

ASEAN’s growing consumer market for tertiary education is an encouraging trend that has potential upsides for future regional development. ASEAN’s demand for university qualifications will create opportunities for foreign and local institutions to set up more regional branches.

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

Targeting the Tourism Dollar from ASEAN

Melinda Martinus

China is the world's biggest source of tourists, but ASEAN is not far behind it. As borders open up, it might be worthwhile looking at enticing tourists from ASEAN.

Climate Finance in Southeast Asia: Trends and Opportunities

Melinda Martinus|Qiu Jiahui

The Covid-19 crisis has stalled the delivery of much-needed climate finance to developing countries. For Southeast Asia, a region frequently cited as being one of the most vulnerable regions threatened by climate change, the broken promise of climate finance is highly disappointing.