Hoang Thi Ha is Senior Fellow and Co-coordinator of the Regional Strategic and Political Studies Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Hoang Thi Ha (30)

A Xi-Biden Handshake Does Not Bridge the Sino-U.S. Schism, But Is a Start

Hoang Thi Ha|William Choong

The handshakes and smiles in Bali have triggered some optimism about Sino-U.S. relations going forward. Yet the slight uptick in Sino-U.S. relations post-Bali might well be short-lived, given the superpowers’ underlying structural competition and deep mutual distrust.

Can Mekong Stingrays Tell the Chinese Dam Story Well?

Hoang Thi Ha

China is crafting “wonderful stories” about its upstream dams in the Mekong. But the overall thrust of the narrative glosses over the more controversial aspects of dam building.

Building Peace in Asia: It’s Not the “Asian Way”

Hoang Thi Ha

China’s “Asian way” is an all-embracing idea and a coded language to discredit other countries’ actions that are deemed harmful to China’s strategic interests.

‘Tell the RCEP Story Well’: The Salience of RCEP in China’s Global Discourse

Hoang Thi Ha

China has gone to extensive lengths to underscore the tangible benefits arising from its participation in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. But Beijing’s criticism of the United States as being anti-globalist is overdone.

Shangri-La Dialogue 2022: The Paradox of Peace and Power

Hoang Thi Ha

The duel between the ‘rule of law’ and the ‘right of might’ took centre-stage as the Shangri-La Dialogue resumed under the shadow of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Southeast Asian countries found it a hard sell to promote cooperative security and ASEAN’s broad-based mechanisms against tough talk by representatives of the major powers.