Hoang Thi Ha

Hoang Thi Ha is Fellow and Lead Researcher (Political-Security) at the ASEAN Studies Centre of ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Ms Hoang joined the ASEAN Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam in 2004. She then moved on to work at the ASEAN Secretariat for nine years, with her last post being Assistant Director, Head of the Political Cooperation Division. Ms Hoang holds an MA in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Articles by Hoang Thi Ha (8)

US Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E Daniel J. Kritenbrink

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

America’s Soft Power in Vietnam: From Statecraft to Street Rap

Hoang Thi Ha

A recent rap video dropped by the US envoy to Vietnam highlights the resilience of American soft power in Vietnam.

Act East or Acting? India and ASEAN

Hoang Thi Ha

China is taking action to deepen economic engagement with Southeast Asia. India, despite Prime Minister Modi’s Act East rhetoric, is not.

ASEAN and the South China Sea Code of Conduct: Raising the Aegis of International Law

Hoang Thi Ha

With Vietnam at the helm of ASEAN this year, the grouping has wielded the aegis of international law to ensure that international and regional concerns about the South China Sea are respected in Code of Conduct negotiations.

Finding ASEAN’s Voice Amid the Din of Geopolitics

Hoang Thi Ha

The re-emergence of the “neutrality” term in a recent ASEAN statement shows the underlying tensions between a fallback position based on neutrality and autonomy, as opposed to a more forward “principled neutrality” position based on international law.

ASEAN and Covid-19: Sandwiched Between Two Giants

Hoang Thi Ha

ASEAN has found itself in a battle of narratives between China and the United States, as they seek to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The question is how long the grouping can continue to get the best of both worlds when it comes to major power attention.