Hoang Thi Ha is Fellow and Co-coordinator of the Regional Strategic and Political Studies Programme of ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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Shangri-La Dialogue 2022: The Paradox of Peace and Power

Hoang Thi Ha

The duel between the ‘rule of law’ and the ‘right of might’ took centre-stage as the Shangri-La Dialogue resumed under the shadow of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Southeast Asian countries found it a hard sell to promote cooperative security and ASEAN’s broad-based mechanisms against tough talk by representatives of the major powers.

Vietnam and Russia’s Political Alignment: More than Meets the Eye

Hoang Thi Ha|Darren Cheong

A lot of ink has been spilled to explain Vietnam’s reticence to take a stronger position against Russia’s war in Ukraine. One facet of the Russo-Vietnam relationship that has not been discussed as much is the two countries’ political alignment on issues such as human rights and democracy in the global arena.

The Russia-Ukraine War: Unpacking Online Pro-Russia Narratives in Vietnam

Hoang Thi Ha|Dien Nguyen An Luong

Pro-Russia narratives in Vietnam’s cyberspace are the result of cross-pollination between sentimental attachment since the Soviet era, psychological bias towards Russia embedded in Vietnam’s education and propaganda system, and the overriding imperative to preserve the Vietnamese state’s political and ideological interests.

Vietnam’s Mediascape Amid the War in Ukraine: Between Method and Mayhem

Hoang Thi Ha

The animated and polarised discourse on Vietnam’s social media on the Russia-Ukraine war is in stark contrast to the disciplined and scripted coverage in Vietnam’s mainstream media, reflecting the strong appetite among Vietnamese netizens for alternative sources of information.

The Russia-Ukraine War: Parallels and Lessons for Vietnam

Hoang Thi Ha

Vietnam’s nuanced approach to the Russia-Ukraine war and its refusal to single out Russia’s invasion suggest introspection in Hanoi over its foreign and defence policy calculations.