Hoang Thi Ha

Hoang Thi Ha is Fellow and Lead Researcher (Political-Security) at the ASEAN Studies Centre of ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Ms Hoang joined the ASEAN Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam in 2004. She then moved on to work at the ASEAN Secretariat for nine years, with her last post being Assistant Director, Head of the Political Cooperation Division. Ms Hoang holds an MA in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Articles by Hoang Thi Ha (12)

A New Height of ASEAN-China Relations? Not Quite, Not Yet

Hoang Thi Ha

China and ASEAN had a fairly successful meeting in Chongqing recently. But the conclusion that Beijing has orchestrated a win over Washington in Southeast Asia is premature.

Mekong River at Sangkhom district in the northeastern Thai province of Nong Khai

The Mekong River Ecosystem in Crisis: ASEAN Cannot be a Bystander

Hoang Thi Ha|Farah Nadine Seth

Despite being the premier regional organisation in Southeast Asia, ASEAN remains a bystander in the imminent collapse of the Mekong River ecosystem. The successful mainstreaming of transboundary haze pollution in ASEAN’s legal and institutional frameworks are instructive for invigorating ASEAN’s engagement in the Mekong issues.

ASEAN’s Mission to Myanmar: An Approach to Ends with Possibilities of Success

Hoang Thi Ha

All eyes will be on the incoming mission of the ASEAN Chair’s special envoy in Myanmar to facilitate talks between the military junta and civilian government it toppled earlier this year. But the writing is already on the wall – the envoy has a mountain to climb.

Is the East Asia Summit Suffering Erosion?

Hoang Thi Ha|Malcolm Cook

Over the last decade, the EAS, by default and by ASEAN’s design, has been the peak mechanism in the ASEAN-led regional architecture. Keeping it so will not be easy, amidst shifting big-power dynamics and the growing attractiveness of smaller and more effective regional mechanisms.

US Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E Daniel J. Kritenbrink

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

America’s Soft Power in Vietnam: From Statecraft to Street Rap

Hoang Thi Ha

A recent rap video dropped by the US envoy to Vietnam highlights the resilience of American soft power in Vietnam.