Adm. Phil Davidson and Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha

Policymakers' View

US Indo-Pacific Command: Standing with Allies and Partners Amid the Pandemic

Philip S. Davidson

In this special contribution to Fulcrum, Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of US Indo-Pacific Command, stresses that the US’ largest geographic combatant command will continue to work with allies and partners across the region, particularly those in Southeast Asia. He argues that there is a growing “strategic convergence” between the US and the region.

Revenge of the Asia-Pacific?

Malcolm Cook

The much-ballyhooed “Indo-Pacific” term has gained much traction in the region in recent years. The new Democratic Party platform, however, pointedly excludes the use of the term, and touts the older “Asia-Pacific” instead. Is this Biden’s attempt at getting at Trump?