US Navy Conducts First South China Sea FONOP of 2019

Ian Storey

A recent freedom of navigation operation conducted by the USS McCampbell in the South China coincided with talks in Beijing between US and China. The relatively restrained response by the People's Liberation Army lessened the risk of a collision - and a serious crisis in China-US relations.

US Conducts 6th South China Sea FONOP under Trump

Ian Storey

In response to the US' latest Freedom of Navigation Operation (FONOP) exercise, China dispatched two warships to warn off the USS Mustin, and proclaimed the mission to be illegal and provocative. So far, only the US is willing to conduct FONOPs around Chinese-occupied features to challenge Beijing's excessive maritime claims.

Duterte’s Aquino Legacies

Malcolm Cook

The ruling by the Arbitration Tribunal on the South China Sea and the U.S.-Philippine Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement are two foreign policy legacies left by the Aquino administration. They will be stumbling blocks to the Duterte administration if it seeks to revise its foreign policy with China and the US.