The Liberal Order’s Illiberal Turn: Implications for Southeast Asia

Lee Sue-Ann

The clash of online opinions surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reveals support for pro-Russia, pro-Putin narratives in Southeast Asia. Untangling why such rhetoric is attractive points to deep dissatisfaction with the existing liberal international order. Southeast Asia can play a part in helping the world avoid worse alternatives.

The Biden Administration and Southeast Asia: One Year in Review

Hoang Thi Ha|Ian Storey

The Biden administration’s engagement with Southeast Asia in 2021 gained momentum in the second half of the year after a slow start. In 2022, the US will be assessed on the value of its Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, a clearer articulation of its Indo-Pacific strategy and the extent to which it demonstrates genuine efforts to upgrade relations with ASEAN.

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

2022 State of Southeast Asia Survey: Diverse Perspectives and Hard Realities

Terence Chong

The US has gained ground against China in the contest for regional influence in Southeast Asia, according to the latest State of Southeast Asia Survey. ASEAN continues to be seen as ineffective in the eyes of respondents; at the same time, they are willing to give it credit when it is due.